Monday, 21 January 2013

Father Christmas on the Guitar

So a year is up with a sketch a day, although I still owe one for yesterday and this will be added to January 20th by the end of the week. Above is the sketch for today. I started with Jack, so I wanted to end with Jack. Why he decided to put the Father Christmas hat on and practise his guitar is beyond me. But it does make a good sketch.

As for the future of the blog I think I will update the site at least every week with exciting highlights, kids stuff, College stuff and basically anything which catches my interest and is good to sketch. Oh yes, I will also post up current art stuff I am working on as well as paintings and sketches for the Hartley Wintney Summer Festival.  I also have a Facebook page and will be posting selected artwork up there.  Please have a look at my on line portfolio with all my commission work (I need to update and add to this!), its:

So please keep in touch and have a look!

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