Monday, 17 September 2012

Lady at the Hospital

Today I took Sam to hospital for a blood test and consultant’s appointment. Sam was born with an underdeveloped thyroid gland- apparently he is one in four thousand born in this country with this condition called 'hypothyroidism'. He needs to take thyroxin tablets every day and will do for the rest of his life. The blood test measures 'T4' and 'TSH'. Some of you may understand what these mean and do- too much to write here! The consultant thinks Sam will need his dose increased since he has had a growth spurt and is approaching the dreaded puberty. I beat him up the stairs this time (he usually beats me) and this could be a sign, well, the consultant said a lack of energy could be a clue.

Anyway, while sitting in the waiting room I sneakily drew this lady sitting opposite. We were in the children’s ward and she must have had a child with her somewhere, probably hiding.....


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