Monday, 16 July 2012

The Phoenix Pub

This is where JB goes to have a beer. It is in fact on the other side of the village from our house, so quite a walk there and back. But no other Pub will do; this one is the best one in the village. The old cars outside are from the vintage car garage which is to the left of the sketch. They use the car park at quieter times of the day to maneuver all their kit around.

On New Year’s day lots of vintage cars from quite far around meet at the Phoenix for their annual 'get together'. Andy, the publican lays on a special menu including homemade soup, chili, burgers and steak sandwiches which is served in the car park, so you can eat and ogle at the cars all at the same time. Of course the kids love it, especially the fizzy drink and burgers.

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