Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jack's Swan

This week, Jack had to do a drawing for his art homework of a person or animal in motion. "It has to be", he said, "from my own photograph or drawn from life and not someone else's work". So last Saturday we went off to Fleet Pond and walked all around the perimeter. I had both Holly and Jack with me and they took it in turns to use my camera. The sun was actually out and the light was lovely. Jack took pictures of the swans and used these to do his drawing. He looked at a tutorial on sketching swans on YouTube to research the best technique. He told me, "I decided to use cross hatching and think it was quite effective".  (The left of the picture is not really dark- this is my scanner not able to fit it all in!)

I'm off to see a friend in Cornwall tomorrow and will take my sketchbook. It's the college half term next week so I will hopefully be able to publish a few sketches when I get back on Tuesday evening.

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